Before I get too wordy and you become too bored, here’s a few things for you to know before you think I’m crazy. I’ve called West Texas, my home for 19 years. I bleed red and black, for one of the greatest schools in the nation (Wreck’em). I like to think I am a glorified cowgirl. I am a passionate agriculturalist (An¬†Agriculturalist is someone who studies agriculture as an academic discipline) and I want the whole world to know just how amazing the agriculture industry is. I love cows and children. I’m addicted to Tex-Mex food and sweet tea. My family is the cutest thing ever. I have the most amazing support system of friends. And our heavenly Father and His Son play a very big role in my life.

I, myself am guilty of late night, binge-blog-reading and I’m sure that you, of a similar soul are doing the same. Although there is nothing that makes me, by any means, a ‘blogger’ or one of repute, just maybe along the way, my experiences or insight and writings can help just one friend.

With regards,


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